Tip For Getting Through Security Quickly

Tip for getting through security quickly.

Our 1st day at MK was a disaster at security. We were first in line and for some reason they gave us no instructions. We tried to put a few things in the basket and they said no, just go through the detector and then when we beeped they asked us why we didn’t take out our metal items. !!! So, I had to stop and and open my bag and show them everything but they won’t touch anything themselves, they just tell you what to move around or open.

The next day at DHS we were one of the first in line for RD and while we were held at the health check station b4 it opened there was a security guard there, so I picked his brain. He said that you should not put your metal items in the bucket but hold them in your hand, and then walk through the detector like that. They can clearly see what made you beep, they can wand your bag if they want to be sure that the beeps are only coming from your handheld items. I was skeptical but went with it. We were the 1st group in the park that day! As the mom I had a bunch of things w metal, band aid tin, personal fans, inhaler, etc, etc, I put all of it in a ziplock bag so I could easily hold it and gave anything that didn’t fit to other family members to hold, and we sailed right through.

This worked at AK the next day too. They never did wand me even though I beeped both times.


When we were there, they told everyone to take out umbrellas and hold them in front of you. Didn’t say anything about metal. We had two metal water bottles and it took us a couple of days to figure out we needed to hold those as well. I agree, they could be a little more forthcoming with the info!


Good to know! Thank you. I wonder why they even have the bins then :face_with_monocle: is it for bags?

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I’m not sure, maybe different stations run it differently but that method worked twice for us.

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Yes! They were saying that for us too. They were just listing specific metal items to take out of your bag instead of saying take out metal. Very strange.

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Umbrellas, battery charge packs, metal cases for eye glasses. If you do, the new scanners work much better than the old system

At DHS, AK and the IG at Epcot they are using the new Evolv technology, where you take out metal objects and hold them in front of you. If you set off the alarm you will be directed to a CM who will do a search of your bag.

At MK and front gate of Epcot you remove metal items, put them in the trays and go through the detector. And they may or may not do a no-touch bag search.

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That would make sense why the trays at some parks and not others… and the guard did mention a new system, I just didn’t know what it was. Does Evolv technology show the screener where the violation is occurring, hence the hold it in your hands?

It seems they would want less of everyone putting their things in the trays repeatedly for germ spread reasons.

We had little just in case scissors for mole skin - that was setting it off🤦‍♀️ We took them out and breezed right thru.

This is a good article with links to a video explaining how it works.

Hopefully they are just waiting for more scanners for MK and Epcot.

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Thx for the link. That system is amazing!

So I’ll have to hold water bottle, battery pack, umbrella, and medication case. I’m going to need more hands!

Could you use a ziplock bag or something to hold them all in?

Does anyone know how it works for a DSLR? I usually have my camera on a cross body rapid strap. It would be awesome if I didn’t have to take it off.

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I did too, I used a ziplock bag and whatever didn’t fit I let others in my group help me carry stuff, haha!

I’m not a photographer so I don’t know but if they can clearly see it, you are probably fine.

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Thanks. I’m hoping that’s the case. It’s not a super big deal to take it all off, I do now, but it would be great if I didn’t have to. :blush:

Has anyone brought a stroller through the new security? Anything different?