Tinkerbell character meet

As much as I have tried to keep DD3 from loving the fairies, she has discovered them. Is the meet worth waiting for? No countdown but I think we will have to meet Tinkerbell when we take our next trip. Now to just keep her from discovering all the toys out there.

We loved meeting Tink, she is very much into her character. With the move to Town Square the waits seems pretty low but she is the only one available to meet now.


Yes Yes Yes!! I have only met Tink once, but it was one of the best M&Gs I have ever done. We had 5 female adults ranging in age from 18 to 54. This was prior to FP+, so I ran to get a FP at Rope drop and then we were in line. We were about the 6th group, and she started greeting people about 15 minutes after rope drop. I think they changed her schedule so that she actually starts meeting at RD now. The area is beautiful, and she has one of her fairy friends that you meet with first. I don't know if it was because we were early, but she spent a ton of time with us.

My Mom had her ECV because her knees are really bad. Tink saw it, grabbed her fairy friend and the family with her, and we all watched the two fairies tinker with the ECV. She made it beep and do other things. It was hilarious! Then we did autographs. We made our own autograph books, but they were too big to carry the whole thing with us. We had the few pages we needed for the day. Tink loved them, and asked who tinkered them. We all pointed to my sister. She said my sister must be a Tinker too. Tinkerbell is one of my sisters favorite characters. My sis is shy but she was so excited her face turned about 3 shades of red. Then my cousin's Mom gave Tink her page, which was accidentally done upside down. Tinkerbell turned it every which way, and said yours is upside down. Then she turned to my sister and said "this is why you don't let nontinkers Tinker."

We all walked away smiling and laughing. I don't know if your meet and greet will be that involved, but if your daughter loves fairies and the fairy world she will probably enjoy it very much.