Timing with departure Magical Express

Do you guys think I’m cutting it too close, I am taking Magical Express to orlando airport for a 6pm departure. Its my understanding that they come about 3 hrs ahead, so for me it would be approximately 3pm. I have a reservation for Chef Mickeys at 1215. Would I have time to make it back to Pop by 2 or 230? Should I plan on taking a taxi from contemp to pop?

I used to always go to CP for lunch on departure day. After waiting to be seated, getting stuck in the buffet line behind a tour group, and then an issue with a bus- I decided I would never stress myself out like that again. I would definitely plan on taking a taxi.

So you think I’d be fine, if I took the cab? There was an 11 reservation available too

I am a crazy person so I would take the earlier time but really there should be no need. Say they are running late- you should get in by 12:45 at least. Ninety minutes brings you to 2:15- out to cab by 2:25- you will definitely get there by 2:45 to pick up your bags. It is not July 4th or another day that on site parking will delay you more- is it?

No its July 8th

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