Timing question AK and Artist Point

Got an ADR for 4:40 on 11/15
It’s a “rest” day for me and my girls and my mom.
Dsis is going to AK that day and has a FOP FPP 3:40-4:40.
Could she make it to Artist Point? Would she be insanely rushed?
I did restart the res finder for a later one…
she also has never seen AK PM show.

I would have her tap in at FOP 5 min early then Uber to WL. It will be cutting it close though.


Is she going to be in AK all day? If so, it’d probably be easier to get an earlier FOP FPP (before or same day) than it would be to switch the ADR.

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Yes. I hope I can get her up to speed on MDE.

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Our FP experience in FOP took somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes, I think (this reminds me I need to finish our trip report at some point) – after walking through the FP line, getting assigned to a group, going through the 2 pre-show rooms/videos and filing into the room with the “banshees”, we saw a woman still leaning over her banshee look up queasily at the cast member leading us in. She explained she’d been sick, the cast member ushered the group of 16 of us to the exit and stayed to help her and we went back to the queue area . They put us in our own queue in the middle (I think SB was on the left, FP was on our right), and got us in to a new room fairly quickly but we still had to go through the full 2 pre-shows again. So if your sister had been with us, she would likely have been late for an ADR.