Timing of Room Ready Text

We arrive next Sunday and are driving in from NC. I know that it says check-in is at 3 pm. How often do folks get the room ready text before 3 pm? And what is the earliest that rooms are sometimes ready? We are probably going to arrive between 12 and 1 pm. Was hoping to drop our stuff off in the room versus leaving it in the car and then head to AK.

I don’t think we’ve ever waited until 3 for our text. Obviously that could change and nothing is guaranteed but Disney has been pretty good in the past about having the rooms ready.

We’ve gotten our text as early as 8:30am

You can check in at any time. If your room isn’t ready you can leave all your luggage with bell services and head off to the parks. If you have food that needs to be kept chilled they can store that for you too.

We didn’t get a room ready text at all. Our room was ready when we arrived at around 10 am.

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That is similar to what happened to us in May. We did get a text at 8AM saying our room wasn’t ready. However, we never got a text that it was. At 5PM, we finally went back to just wait. CM told us it had been ready for a while. I did note that a quiet room was more important than an early room. OTOH, we have arrived at 8:30 with a txt received as we drove in the parking lot.

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