Timing of 'Ohana's and Royal Garden Tea Tour - Doable?

I’ve just snagged a breakfast at 'Ohana’s at 7:30 AM for next week. We have reservations (pre-paid) for the Royal Garden Tea Tour that starts at 9:15 AM at the Rose & Crown podium. Is that too much of a stretch? We are driving our own car, and have a handicap license plate, so we’d be parked close to the entrance (hopefully).

I’m generally all in favor of cutting things close and being late for ADRs, but I am not sure if you want to be too late for a tea tour. This would be cutting it pretty close in my opinion. It is quite a walk from the front of Epcot to Rose & Crown especially if you have someone with lower mobility. Ohana has a reputation for being behind on seating folks as well as taking some time, but I don’t have experience on breakfast. If you are willing to scarf your food down it would be possible if the tour doesn’t start until 9:30 and you were ok being “that family” that shows up a little bit late for check in.

That’s what I was thinking, although I was hoping it was doable. :crying_cat_face: We’ll be on scooters, but I have no idea how fast they can go since we’ll be renting them.

Sorry! Ya, you won’t be able to go very fast. Especially since you would likely be with the “just missed rope drop” crowd.

Do you need to rent the scooters too? I imagine that would take time as well. What about a breakfast at one of the Boardwalk or Yacht Club restaurants? Or the Wave at the Contemporary has a buffet breakfast I believe. That might be faster if you can find a 7:30am reservation there and hop on the monorail (it is closer than the Poly to the TTC).

I agree with @melcort10, I don’t think it’s doable.

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We are renting the scooters for the whole week from an outside Disney-approved vendor, so that won’t be an issue.

Wouldn’t we get the whole rope drop crowd regardless of whether we were just coming from 'Ohana’s or from our resort?

I’m bummed, but that’s okay. We are at least going to other great places next week.

Well, I went ahead and cancelled it, so someone else can enjoy the space. We already had a reservation for dinner there so all is not lost.