Timing of FoP FP's

What is the latest consensus of opinion on how far out in your trip to plan for FP’s for FoP? Still Day 4, or is it later now? Window opens in 2 days.

I got mine for days 5 and 6. But didn’t even try earlier. We are here and tomorrow is our day 5!

We have 2 AK days. The day we arrive, and day 5. On our FP+ day we were up and ready and online at 7:00am, and for Day one we got NRJ FP+ and Day 5 we got FOP FP+, both without any issue. We got exactly the times we had wanted ahead of time. FOP was gone comepletely an hour later when we checked, but NRJ on our first day still has availability.

NRJ is tending towards still having FP availability for offsite guests at the 30 day mark. While there’s a fair line for it, I wouldn’t stress over getting a FP for it at 60 days, if that’s what you’re aiming for.

I tried for day 3 nighttime and got the time I wanted. The morning was gone on day 3 though.

Mine was Day 4 of my trip at night.

For day 5 I could only get after 1pm.

When I look at MDE, it appears that there are plenty of options at 60+4. At 60+3, you start to see only afternoon/evening FP availability, and by 60+2, there is only late evening or none left.