Timing of FastPasses

Hi All,

On one of our touring days, we’re planning to do Epcot in the morning without FastPasses, take a mid-day break, and then do Hollywood Studios in the afternoon, using FastPasses. We will have already done Hollywood Studios in the morning the day before and ridden all of the headliners except Toy Story Mania, so this afternoon visit is mostly for TSM and Fantasmic - of course, they’re both Tier 1.

So my question is this: In order to ride TSM with a fastpass early enough to get a Fantasmic FP right afterward, can we sign up for two other FPs that we don’t need earlier in the day? Even earlier than we plan to arrive at Hollywood Studios?

We plan to get to HS just in time for a 4:15 snack reservation at Sci-Fi Dine-In, and then ride TSM with a FP around 5 pm. Can we sign up for 2 unnecessary FPs in the 2 pm or 3 pm windows, even though we won’t even be in the park then? I’m afraid if we sign up for FPs for 4 pm, 5 pm, and 6 pm windows, there won’t be any Fantasmic FPs left by the time we’ve burned through those first three.

We are going during Spring Break, by the way, so the crowds will be heavy.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Pretty sure that’ll be fine to let the earlier fp expire and hope for a F! fp.

Any thought to getting a Fantasmic meal package so you don’t have to worry about any of this? You can then USE your 3 fp at hollywood during a busy crowd level instead of letting them expire, and you’ll have a guaranteed good seat at Fantasmic. Plus, you gotta eat, right?

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Thanks! Yes, we do have a reservation already for Mama Melrose for dinner, but I haven’t talked with the other adults traveling with me about the dining package yet. Is there a set menu for the $45 price?

If you are eating there already, please consider the pkg! It’s pretty much appetizer, entree, dessert, and non alcoholic beverages. I think you can trade soup or salad for appetizer. It’s seems pretty much anything on the menu except for the dessert, which was the sampler. So, example, our meal:

  1. Calamari, steak, dessert
  2. Mussels, grouper, dessert
  3. Salad, kid’s pizza, kid’s dessert.

Not to be a killjoy, but on a high CL day wouldn’t it be unlikely to get a Tier 1 FP+ after 5 pm?

I’ll definitely look into it, thanks!

My other concern is the fact that I read somewhere to allow at least two hours for the Fantasmic Dining Package…our reservation is for 6:50…will that be enough time?

No, that’s exactly my concern! That’s why I’m considering “burning” the other two and doing TSM as soon as we’re done at Sci-Fi Dine-In.

I’m not really sure I understand this question, and here’s why -

I’m not sure if you’re asking if you have enough time to GET to Fantasmic after Mama M’s?
If that’s the case, then, either there is a late Fantasmic show on whatever date we are talking about, or you need to check out the Fantasmic Dining pkg details. You have to make an adr for the package, it’s not just a request you make when you show up for the reservation. There is a cut-off time for the package. Check the date you are thinking about, and check for availability of the pkg.

It might work out, it might not. It will depend on availability of the package and what time. I know that on 7 or 7:30pm Fantasmic showtimes, the Mama M package had a late afternoon cutoff time, I think? You’ll have to weigh your options of being able to get there for the package vs burning fastpasses, being able to score a fastpass, OR waiting to get in to the theater. On a heavy crowd day, having a guaranteed seat and three fastpasses might be worth missing whatever you were planning to do earlier that day. It sounds like scoring a F! Dining package could easily replace the Sci Fi Snack, and you’ll be on your way with 3 fastpasses to USE, and a prime seat for Fantasmic without waiting in line.

(This all might be worthless info if I’ve misunderstood your question.)

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I know on a CL9 day at Epcot I couldn’t get a 4th FP+ for Illuminations at 11 am, so my thought was that you might be hoping for the near impossible trying to get a Tier 1 4th FP+ at 5 pm. But if you don’t need the other fastpasses there would be no harm in burning them (assuming burning them does still work?) in the hope you might get a 4th FP+ for Fantasmic.

I’ve never tried for Fantasmic before, but I was basing the possibility of getting a FastPass on the information on this site:


For whatever reason, the seem to be saying that FastPasses for Illuminations run out much, much earlier than for Fantasmic, even on high crowd level days. But I’m interested to know if others have a different experience…

Why not book the other two FPs at Epcot if you’re going to be there anyway? I thought you could do two at Epcot and one at HS with the changes they made to the system this year?

You can only book the other park after you use the first- day of.

Thanks for weighing in! Since the week I’m going is Spring Break for many (the week before Easter), does anyone know how likely it will be that they’ll add a second Fantasmic show? Or how early they’ll release the show times?