Timing of a dessert party


Has anyone done the Frozen Ever After dessert party at Epcot?

Can you remember how long it took?

I want to book The Edison at Disney Springs afterwards and need to know what time we would be there approximately?



We’ve done the FEA dessert party (loved it). Illuminations last 15 minutes (but if you are going after 9/30 then it’s the new show and I don’t know how long that is). We walked as a group over to FEA and were on the ride around 9:30. The ride itself is 5 minutes. If you then have to walk to the front of the park and get a bus to DS, it could be 10:30 or later before you would be at Edison.

I can’t imagine eating after a dessert party. Too much to eat. But maybe you’re going to the Edison just for the entertainment?

Hi yes for the entertainment on a Friday night

I am congratulating myself for guessing correctly. I was reading your question after eating a lot of pizza. :frowning: I’ve done the party before they added the FEA ride and know that I get my money’s worth. I don’t drink but I do Chocolate!
Anyway I have heard that the entertainment at Edison is great. Have fun.