Timing for table service dinner

I am planning my family trip to WDW for late August 2018. I am wondering how much time I should plan on for table service dinners- are they something where the cast members are trying to get you in/out as quickly as possible to keep filling tables (within an hour?), or should I plan on a longer, more leisurely time to eat and meet characters where applicable (1.5-2 hrs)?

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If it’s a character meal, I think they plan on the 90+ minute thing.

If it’s not, I don’t think they’ll rush you out, but they probably don’t build in as big of a pad as a character meal.

For non character dining, I plan 90 minutes for lunch and dinner; 60 minutes for breakfast.

For character meals I plan 90 minutes for breakfast and 105-120 for lunch and dinner.

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Thank you!

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