Timing for going to Epcot from HS for a meal

I’m thinking about having a table service meal in Epcot on one of my Hollywood Studios Days. A couple questions:

  1. Am I crazy?
  2. Will I risk not being able to get back in in October? - I would like to see the SW fireworks that night, but that would be my only plans after this meal.
  3. How long should I schedule being out of HS in my touring plan to do a meal at Epcot? - I scheduled a lunch at 2:40 in France.
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I can’t answer the question about getting back in during the Star Wars phenomena, but that probably is a risky choice in October.

The timing by boat to Epcot will take about 30 mins, walking can improve that timing, but generally if you plan for 30 minutes, you can for sure hit that mark. Obviously France is very close to the IG, so that’s not a problem. Depending on your restaurant, you probably only need about an hour, as they aren’t usually that busy at 2:40pm, so wait staff should be pretty attentive. I’ve personally eaten at Chefs de France in March at about the same time of day, and it was a generally relaxed meal, and service was not slow.

The oat trip back to DHS is about the same time, just in reverse order. Perhaps add a half hour for delays and the ability to see a few things in France while you wait. So, that means about 2 1/2 hours is what I would expect.

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I would say you will need at least 3 hrs out of the park to do this. I always think we should try eating at EP on HWS day, but it seems like too much travel time that takes away valuable park time. If you are willing to take 3 hrs out of the park, then I think I would make the reservation, but make a back up reservation inside the park. As it gets closer and you see the crowd levels and how SWGE is affecting things, you can cancel the one you don’t need.

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Thank you! That’s exactly what I did!

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