Timing charts "transitting"?

Anyone have any timing charts showing average times it takes to get from one place to another using Disney transportion?

For example, let’s say I was at BLT and wanted to go to Epcot. How much time does this generally take?

I think one of the big “time wasters” in an on-site Disney trip is transportaion, so it could be handy in planning to have this information.

When I pointed out to my wife that we’d have our car on site for our December 2020 trip, so we could avoid the Disney transportation if we wanted…but she didn’t like this idea. To her, part of the on-site experience is the idea of forgetting about your own vehicle/transportation and just being in the bubble. Now, maybe after a few times taking the bus from the resort to HS or whatever she’d be okay with hopping in the car, but for now I thought it could be handy to know what timing would be if we just kind of forget about our car during our stay.

Unvalidated and only for resorts to parks, but handy none the less.

Cool. Thanks.

I use the chart in the unofficial guide

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There’s a transportation wizard, I think the version I have isn’t up to date though. Let me find it.

ETA this is the website, I think there is an app that is kept updated but this isn’t. Still gives you an idea though.


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Definitely use the grid from the physical book! Or ebook I suppose.

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I’m with your wife. I love that we don’t have to drive at all for our whole vacation and other people transport us around the bubble.

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Thanks. I like this, even if it isn’t totally up to date, it does give great planning information. For example, while the time from BLT to Epcot is estimated to be 20 minutes in the first link, this link puts the time at 34 minutes, which makes more sense when accounting for not only the monorail, but the time to transfer at the TTC to the Epcot monorail and potential waits. Not only that, but if you reverse the route, it changes it from 34 minutes to 45 minutes which, again, makes sense because how once you get back to the TTC, you have to take the resort monorail with stops at Poly, GF, and MK before hitting Contemporary again.

This is where I wonder if we’ll want to us our car some of the time. ONE trip to/from Epcot using Disney transportation means about 1 hr 20 minutes. If we drive ourselves, including walking time from parking lot, it is probably no more than 20-30 minutes.

Still, my wife has a definite point. There is something to be said for staying firmly in the bubble.


I’m very much not a bubble person. We stay off property. Sign me up for my own transportation all the time.

The charts in the physical book were such an encouragement to me when I had some bubble-only acquaintances lauding over me how much time I was wasting staying off property.

There are probably scenarios that are markedly better one way over the other.

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The best part of our on site stay in November was—- not driving at all! It was great to not think about it. So I’m with your wife. :slight_smile:

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We stayed on property exactly once in our umpteen visits. That was for our honeymoon. And, while it is true that I’m perfectly happy/fine staying off property and driving, I’ll admit that it was a magical experience when we were here for our honeymoon (aside from the obvious reasons!) to show up on Disney property and then NEVER interact with the “real world” at all, including driving. We literally felt we had stepped out of the real world for a week.

Not ONCE has our off property stays given the same feeling. So, for our December 2020 Anniversary trip, I think the thought of recreating that feeling we had on our honeymoon is part of the goal.