Timeline questions for dining reservations / park hopping at WDW

My family and I are going to WDW on Thanksgiving week 2021. I have been doing a lot of research/reading and planning out our trip but of course now I’m seeing on the website that the 180 day advanced dining reservation window is now 60 days??? I had my alarm set and everything HAHA.

Please can someone confirm that there are NO dining reservations for anywhere allowed prior to the 60 day mark? I’m wondering if anyone knows if this is planning on changing anytime soon? I don’t want to miss out on getting reservations we want when they suddenly decide to open a wider reservation window, you know?

I suspect that going into the holidays this November/December things will likely be closer to “normal” at the parks? Which leads me to my next question. Can you only “reserve” one park per day? Why the heck am I paying for the park-hopper option if I am only guaranteed entry into one park per day? You can’t make more than one park reservation on the same day right?

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The answer is…we’re all guessing.

Disney has said they are sticking to Park Reservations until next year due to ongoing union stuff. You can hop to any park that has availability after 2pm then, ONLY AFTER scanning into the park you had reserved first. As far as we know here in the forums, no one has been turned away from hopping, even if the calendar shows the park as full. Obviously, Disney could change that at any time.

I’m going the week after you and I feel you on the window suddenly opening up. To that, I’ve heard nothing. We just have to wait and see. I’m hoping that those of us with room reservations will be notified by email first, but who knows.

Disney is gearing up for their 50th anniversary along with all the people who pushed their previous pandemic time vacations. Add to that the opening of Ratatouille and they are expecting all kinds of crowds.

The only offical word from Disney was this from earlier today:

Bob said that we can expect to see “low double digit increases” in attendance over the next coupe of months, and that we should see the full benefits of the relaxation of guidelines closer to the end of Q4, around September. He went on to talk about how despite restrictions being eased for guests, the parks are still bound by OSHA guidelines that adds great complexity to the process of scaling back restrictions as a whole at the parks.


Sorry I couldn’t help more but the truth is we just don’t know. If you are wondering about annual passes though, rumor has it that around August we should see sales resuming for people who had expired passes and new sales.


Disney is opening their dining reservations at 60 days. You can use Open Table for some restaurants (especially in Disney Springs and Swan/Dolphin) at more than 60 days.


You can only make one reservation per day. However, I have not heard of anyone being turned away from where they park hop after 2pm. (I know you are going at an insane crowd time, Thanksgiving, but you should be fine)

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For park hopping you make a reservation for your first park only. You must enter that first park. Then you can hop to any other park after 2.

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Have we seen where access to the “hopped” park was denied if not tapped into the “reserved” park? I know that is the official policy, but is it also enforced? Sorry if I missed previous discussion regarding this.

Have heard of this, yes.


Yep, seen this reported in a couple of forums.

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There are also some special tickets that have denied access to hopping too.

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My sister had to work remotely from the hotel one day while we were at our reserved park. We hopped to another park and she joined us at 5pm. We went to guest services and explained why she had not checked into scheduled park, and they made it where she could get into the second park.

I think they can do that IF there are still park reservations left. Effectively they changed the park reservation for her.

I have seen several reports where they could not do that and made them go to the original park to tap in first.