Timeframe for Making Park Reservations

How far in advance do park reservations need to be made these days to ensure you get the park you want for each day?

And do you think this timeframe is the new normal, or everything is still too much in flux to say?

If you have ticket media I would get on that as soon as possible. Some parks are sold out through most of June. July still looked wide open the other day but I expect that will start to book up too.

Visit here to see park pass availability: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/availability-calendar/?segments=tickets,resort,passholder&defaultSegment=tickets

I think this will certainly continue for the foreseeable future, and may become the new normal. It is extended at this time through January 2023.

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I’m planning on summer 2022, but following things closely here!

I have tickets that are good until September 2021 that I’ll have to have Disney apply to future tickets. I’m afraid to make hotel reservations because I’ll be doing it through a David’s DVC credit which I won’t be able to cancel or modify. So I have to be very, very sure. Just trying to figure out the timing for everything.

I’m also helping a friend plan her family’s trip for early November!

I agree w/ OBNurse, book those park reservations as soon as possible so you aren’t disappointed; especially book HS ASAP. Having a park res for HS is the only way you can ‘try’ for a BG for RorR.

My park days are booked for my July 2021 AND July 2022 trips. No sense in waiting - especially since you can always change them as long as they are available. At least you know you have a park!