Time to say farewell to three long-standing acts at Epcot

Today marks the end of three Epcot acts in World Showcase.

The British Revolution finish over 11,000 performances tonight.


Matsuriza Drummers finish 25 years of performing:


And Sergio also finishes today.

I’m beyond sad right now. :cry:

Who knows if this is for ever or temporary. The British Revolution contract was up in May / June anyway and they expected to be terminated because of the Mary Poppins attraction.

I worry for the likes of the Citizens of Hollywood too. Although they are DIsney employees I think so maybe safer from the axe for now.


Why is this happening?

Because the parks are closed, so no need for the entertainment.

I’m sure there will be a lot more lay-offs to come, sadly.

The reports seemed to suggest that these are permanent steps?

Sergio’s Facebook full of farewell posts is soooo heartbreaking

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Yes, because they’re contracted, they’re not employees. So contract terminated early.

Over a two week closure? Odd choice.

It’s probably not going to be 2 weeks though is it. Hopefully they will be signed up again when the parks reopen.


Well, that’s my point.

It’s going to be months.