Time to get from HDDR to MK

Hi everyone- I did a quick search and didn’t find an answer, so I will try a new post.

I have a reservation for the 4pm HDDR on Saturday, May 16. I have my FPP booked for MK afterwards. I am wondering how long it will take (not sprinting, I have a 4 year old and his grandparents in tow) to get back over to MK.

I have my first FPP for 6-7pm and was planning to be at space mountain by 6:30. Is that feasible?

I have Anna and Elsa at 7 - 8 pm and they are clearly the priority so I made them a little later just in case I was wrong in my timing.


The show is about ninety minutes which would give you an hour to get back. You are close to the boat so it should be reasonable.