Time to allow for dining?

I used 60 minutes for sit down meals in my touring plans but wondering if that is too much or too little. Going in November and have 6:30 BOG (during mvmcp) a 1:30 Yak and Yeti, 11:40 am Coral Reef. Any tips or advice very welcome.

I always allow 90 mins. We very rarely need more tham 75 but I like the extra time incase we are running late.


I also allot 90 for TS

I allot 45 for CS - also rarely needed but I’d rather take my time about it than feel like we are getting off track by chewing before swallowing LOL


Thank you. I guess I’ve got some revising to do!

Plus allowing more time for TS gives a bit of a cushion in case they are running behind. You sometimes have to wait for a table when you arrive for your ADR (it has been explained to me why this happens, but I don’t get it because I am of the Seinfeld generation wherein keeping the reservation is the important part after you take the reservation)


That’s true. This is a special trip for just me and my almost 16 year old DD so I don’t want us to feel too rushed.

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I agree, allow 60-90, that’s what we do, but usually it’s 60-75 depending on the restaurant and where the characters are in their rotation when you get seated (for character meals - not sure if Yak & Yeti is). At BOG dinner you can see the beast in the library when your’e done eating. It seems like he hangs out there during dinner hours.

An hour is fine for many of our table service meals

Ours have all been done in an hour including character meals, except BOG. That was about 75 mins and then we waited about another 10-15 to meet the Beast. Oh Yachtsman was about 75 too. I don’t know if we’ve been lucky but we’ve been seated immediately at all of them too, even when we were a couple of minutes early or late.

Definitely excited about pictures with Beast! My very favorite Disney movie! If it takes longer we’ll just have to adjust the rest!

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I s going to ask the age of your party, but based on your response I think that you should allot at least an hour and a half. Good luck!


Last trip, I allowed 45 minutes for counter service. This time, I have been informed by DW that if I don’t carve out at least an hour, there will be Problems.

This time, I’m allowing 90 minutes for sit-down, and 60 for counter service. Filling time is easy, making more is hard. If we’re done faster than planned, great! We can go to the next thing at a leisurely pace, or do some shopping. But if you allow too little time, and you don’t have any flex in your touring plan, you’re going to have a bad time.


Thanks. I will be doing some revising!

My general rule of thumb for planning purposes is 30 for CS (not that I eat CS very often), 60 min for Lunch TS, 90 min for dinner TS, 120 min for signature dining. If seated on time, the TSs usually come in a bit shorter than that, but I’d rather have a few extra minutes than fall behind. Signature dinners are usually the last thing I have planned for an evening, so I don’t really care how long they take. When I’m paying $150+ for DW and I to have dinner, it’s an event, not something to be rushed through.

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Thanks, everyone for the advice and words of experience!