Time to allow for character meals

How much time should I allow for these character meals (for planning). We are doing the Tusker’s lunch ROL package, Ohana’s Breakfast, and Minnie’s Beach Bash Breakfast.
With just 2 adults and a 7yo.

Can only help you on Ohana breakfast. For that it’s about an hour. They wisk you in and serve you pretty quickly. It’s family style and they’ll keep bringing as long as you ask. During your meal the characters make their way from table to table. As each table finishes up they bring the next family in. After the characters hit all tables once they did a little parade around the dinning room and invited the little ones to follow along. Then they took a break for a few. We left at that point but I’m sure they started the whole table to table process again for the new families who had been recently seated. It’s very organized and lots of fun. Enjoy

I would set aside at least an hour. Most of these places…like Tusker’s (Which I loved) has 4 characters. There is typically a character at your table every 15-20 minutes. To see all the characters (That you have paid to see with the meal price) it takes about an hour.

Thanks! An hour it is!