Time they kick you out before Christmas Party

I am wondering what about what time they “kick you out” if you go to Magic Kingdom during the day when there is a Very Merry Christmas Party that night?Disney says the park closes at 7 but I’m really trying to know just how much time we will have before they really want us to leave.

They change it slightly every year but sweeps start around 6 ish and they try to get non party guests to front of park by 7. At 7 you will not be allowed to use any facilities in MK this includes bathrooms shops putchasing food or drink.

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As @mumcalsop said, we witnessed guests without wristbands being turned away from everything at 7pm. They don’t forcibly remove you, but they sure make it uncomfortable to stay!

They start “encouraging” you to leave around 6:00. They get downright rude about it by 6:30. MS is a total log jam and they keep yelling things like “Keep moving - this is a side WALK, not a side stand around in one place” - but you can’t move because of all of the people pressing to get in. AND, the sidewalks are already packed with people staking out their parade spots. It was the most UNmagical experience I’ve ever had at a Disney park. And to make things even worse, after we were finally able to escape from MK, the mono and ferry lines were both almost to the bag check area. We waited almost 90 min for a launch to the GF (and were late for an ADR at Narcoossee’s).

I will NEVER go to the MK on a party day again, unless I pre-plan to hop to a different park mid afternoon.

Did not see this at all. Nope. Guests without bands were kindly reminded they could not shop during party time and were turned away at the door. Never saw anyone being rude.

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They ACTUALLY did not let people buy anything in the shops if they didn’t have a wrist band? I find that very hard to believe. I understand them not letting you into attractions/rides without a wristband, but why would the want to turn away your money in the shops?

Yes this is true. You cannot make any purchases even buy water after 7 pm unless you have a valid party wrist band. If you are in a store before 7 they do announce this information so everyone is made aware that there transaction must be completed before 7 pm.

There is party exclusive merchandise and it is easier to say that you cannot purchase anything than saying: you can buy somethings but not others.

They actually don’t. They actually don’t even let them IN to the shop.

Actually and truly. Saw it with my own two eyes.

And, by making it not worth being there, they indirectly encourage people to leave

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Two questions then.
First, we have a reservation for crystal palace at 6:10 in the evening. Should that be ok or will they rush us and make us leave?
Second, we only really care about the rides so we thought going to MK during the day would be even less crowded than the party but would the party be better? We are going Decemeber 13 and that’s our only day at Disney.

I think your res should be fine and I don’t think you’ll be rushed but I think you’ll be gently ushered toward the exit upon leaving the restaurant.

My understanding is that the crowd levels are lower during party days. But I can attest that it gets pretty darned crazy at 4pm-7pm (because party goers can enter at 4pm)

As^^^ that reservation time is fine. They trial diff approaches each year. Last year some guests w/o wrist bands were asked to wait at restaurant exits after eating then accompanied to park exit by a cast members .

Last December my daughter and I had a 6:40ish ADR at Crystal Palace on a Christmas party night. We were not rushed at all and were walking around near BMT when we were approached by two castmembers, one with a clipboard. They asked if we would answer a couple of questions. The first was whether we had Christmas party tickets we said we didn’t. The second was did we want some.

Even though we’d paid for the party earlier that week we said yes. It was great because it was our last night and we got several hours we had not planned on


My favorite kind of Disney magic… the unexpected.

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