Time out of order in MK TP

When I hit Optimize – times are out of order – it keeps randomly doing this to me. (see image below)

If it’s not that, then it will put 2 rides that I have on FPP before my 6:45pm dinner and squeeze all other rides in after the dinner which is silly to have over 3 hours in free time before the dinner.

I’m beyond frustrated at this point because I feel like I’m spending way too much time on this. I’ve tried removing FPP; putting some FPP back in that they suggest, actually using some that I do have booked, or manually evaluate the plan at times.

My plan WAS optimized months ago, including my CRT reservation, then MK changed the hours for that day (park hours and Wishes). Ever since then, it seems like the TP Optimize feature is doing really weird things.

Anyone have tips that might help me? :confused:

I was having that same issue the other day when I tried to add the EMM to my plan. I keep optimizing (after removing EMM) and it finally worked. Touring plans have seemed real glitchy lately.

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Publish this plan, then post the link to it. I’m going to guess that there’s an am vs pm issue somewhere. Might be a glitch in the system, however. I have no clue, but just a guess.

Have you deleted it, and started over?

I can also try to tinker with it myself if I have a few minutes. Post a list of what you’d like to do, what date, and fastpass times.


It looks like something is glitchy with “optimize”…put the steps in the order you want and hit “evaluate” instead.

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I’m going to mess with a new one today and maybe just try the evaluate option.

(If anyone wants me to publish the one that’s not working, I can still do that too - I just don’t want to waste anyone’s time if it’s a glitch with the system)

Thanks for the help!

Publish it. No big deal.
Fun to tinker with it.

Something is definitely glitchy. I started a whole new plan and it’s messing up pretty bad when I start putting in my FPP. It put CRT and Wishes way after the scheduled time :confounded:

Here’s the plan

My wants:

Times at the park 12pm - 11pm
Not zig zagging back and forth around the park (it does this sometimes too)

BOG @ 1:20
CRT@ 6:45 (Will arrive at 6:30 to hopefully be out before Wishes starts - I know it may or may not happen)

FPP booked:

  1. SM 12:40pm
  2. 7DMT 1:55pm
  3. Open

After sunset – TTA & HM

My 3rd FPP is booked but it’s for HM before sunset (I picked based on my old TP), so I can change it to something available.

I don’t think I ran into any issues:

Does that look decent? I think TTA is too early, but that’s a drag and drop - probably before or after the Speedway. It appears that a PP fastpass would be better than HM for saving you a decent amt of time. I used the minimize walking feature as well, but the no zig zag is a preference thing. I’m assuming that the system is using a formula comparing walk time with wait time before and after and picking what’s best for you, that formula might be validating that according to what list of attractions you want to do, zigzagging is best to fit it in.

Thanks! I was able to make that work. :grinning:

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