Time for positivity!

It’s fashionable amongst some to hate Disney bloggers, but I’ve long been a fan of Tom Bricker, and I make no apology for it. I don’t agree with everything he says, but this post is the best I think he’s ever written.

It’s full of positivity and makes a lot of sense to me. I really hope he’s right and it’s made me think it’s now more likely than not that I will take my trip in October, assuming flights are not cancelled and so on.


I just read that. I thought it was funny how he said “all these people probably should wait until 2021 or later…” and I was really confused about who was left :joy: but you are! And so are many others. So, you know, should be a good time.


Loved his blog post today. It was good to see a little positivity in a sea of negative nancys.


Ok I’ll add some more positivity! I’ve seen the first report that Spaceship Earth will be open when the parks reopen. There is now no timeline for when it may go under refurbishment.


Great post, thanks for sharing!

I understand no ADRs and no FPs means less control and that this can be stressful. And for those who already had them in place, it must be super frustrating to all that work disappearing.

But, ADRs, plans and FPs were only “necessary” because of crowds. A lot of people won’t go this year, for a lot of different reasons - just one small example, there won’t be any Brazilian 15s in 2020.

Losing a FOP FP doesn’t mean not riding it. It doesn’t even mean having to go on a 2 hour line for it (although it is a great place to spend 2 hours), it just means experiencing it in a different way.


It is looking like our August trip will end up being better than I could have imagined. No FPPs! Low crowds! Spaceship Earth! And we found masks that are awesome.


Yes, I enjoy his posts as well. We cancelled our October trip, as we only go every few years and I have a first timer coming with me. And with my kids starting middle school with a lot of questions about how school will proceed, I think it’s going to work out better for us to go in May 2021. I’m a lot less stressed and I am much more positive about that trip than the one in October.

For those that can make this summer and fall work, go for it. Hope it’s a blast.





I’m a fan of his too and really appreciated his post today. It makes me excited for our July trip.

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Ryan1 we are going September so I would love to here a full report from you!

To be frank (I’d have to change my name), much of the blog sounded like past trips of ours. Especially the 1970s trips.

Or maybe early in Epcot’s history when our “day in Orlando” would include Epcot rather than MK.

Or maybe the trips in the 90s when Epcot was the only game in the World after 6 pm.

I just spent $5000 repairing my truck. Would’ve been a lot more fun to go to WDW around Labor Day - just to see how much magic we could make . . .

Ive been thinking about this article. Thanks for posting, its been a nice thing to read. I have to say it does make me excited for when my family can take our next trip. Maybe 2021. I like the idea of getting ADRs at 60 days. I also like the idea of not worrying a lot about fast passes. I was and did all the planning before and DH wasn’t too interested until our trip got closer. I think this will be nice for our family going forward. Now, I do think there will be something that replaces it. But I really hope not!

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Thank you for sharing! I love to see a positive outlook on the situation. I’m actually really excited for our late September trip this year. We’ve been several times already, and my kids are getting older, so having a chance to not run from one ADR to fastpass to the next is kind of refreshing. No it won’t be the Disney we are used to, but it could be a really fun and different trip for our family!


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