Time departing WDW for Dream

We are staying on WDW property (PO - French Quarter) before our cruise on the Dream. We are planning to eat breakfast at Chef Mickeys the day we leave for the cruise - currently our seating is at 9:45. Will we have enough time to eat and get back to the hotel before the shuttle takes us to the port? Are there other transportation options that would be better? There are 3 of us.


I would suggest you see if they can pick you up at the Contemporary.

I would also price things out. I know for 4 of us - the express was more expensive than getting a car. You would have to run the numbers. Don’t know if UBER is worth it or getting a car service like Destination MCO. Worth looking into

Many liners recommend giving yourself 60-90 minutes for character meals to allow for possibly being seated late and to have enough time to eat, meet all the characters and pay your bill. That would put you finishing your meal between 10:45-11:15. From what I’ve read the DCL pickup time could be as early as 11 am so even if they can pick you up at the Contemporary it would still be too close on time for me.

Ok. I think there are some earlier times.

We are driving to the resort, so I’d just drive my car rather than renting, but then there’s the fee to park at the port. Plus I just didn’t want to drive, but I guess that way I would have more control over when we leave.

How long of a cruise are you taking? Parking at Port Canaveral is $64 for a 4 day cruise and $112 for a 7 day cruise. Unless you are getting a heck of a deal on transportation, it’s cheaper to park at the port than pay for a bus for 3 people.

A 7 day is now $128. I don’t know how much the others went up. To me, it was worth every penny of that $128 to have my independence, both going to the port and leaving the port.

Your Magical Express will be $35 per person each way, so that parking fee is cheaper for 3 of you.

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I’m thinking about a 4 day cruise paired with a stay at Disney World for 2019, and by my math, it’ll be cheaper to rent a car for a week and pay for parking than to use a bus for a family of 4.

Looks like parking for a 4 day is $80. Watch for rental sales and you could be right. We got a van - 12 days for $293 this past March through Alamo, using Costco booking. I couldn’t rent for the few days we needed it for cheaper and it meant I wasn’t paying for transportation to the park. But in the year that I (daily) watched prices on rentals, that van went from $598 to over $1100 and back down to $293 again. So don’t lock your rental in. Just keep watching for sales.

we found that to be similar. Plus you have a bit more flexibility.

Its funny once you get into 4 people the math on things change.