Time between attractions?

I’m looking at my personalized touring plans in the lines app and I notice that it tells you the wait time and duration of ride and then the minutes it will take to walk to the next attraction. Doesn’t look like there’s any room to breathe in between attractions, so what about those of us who have children in strollers. Sometimes it take a few minutes to locate the stroller, then get the kids buckled up and for anyone like me take time to look at the map for where the next attraction is. How does all that figure into these plans?

Something you could do (if you haven’t already) is select the “very relaxed” walking speed for each of your TPs and then re-optimize. This should lengthen the amount of walking time in between attractions.

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Ok I didn’t see that, I’ll give it a try, thanks

I add an extra 15 minute break every 2hrs. Another liner switches to evaluate and adds 5 min breaks after each ride. These both allow catch up. Someone suggested putting the same ride in twice using a pretend fpp for the second one to get extra time for shopping also.

Thanks for the tips @mumcalsop