Time between airport and park

How much time should we give ourselves between landing at MCO and getting to the park. Obviously everything is dependent on landing on time and no flight issues. We get in at 8:30am at MCO and are taking the magical express to POP to drop off our stuff and plan to jump on a bus to HS. We have a reservation at 11:55 for lunch that I wanna make sure we will make. I feel that 3.5hrs is enough but idk.

You’re also at the mercy of the plane schedule. If it should be late, you’re in trouble. I never schedule ADRs on the day of arrival. Honestly, 3.5hours, IMO, is cutting it close even if your plane is on time.

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Would you be able to get Uber if you are running out of time?

Yeah we would b fine with that… there is 6 of us and none of us will b checking bags so we can literally get off the plane and call one if it’s gonna b too long. Obviously if our plane gets in late or other plane related issues come about we will have a problem but if we do get in at 8:30 I would assume the 3.5hrs would b enough to get to POP drop our stuff off and head straight to HS

Remember that if you are delayed and realize you’ll miss your reservation, you can modify it to a future date and then cancel that reservation to avoid the no-show fee of $10/pp (this is often referred to as bump-and-run)

So I’d keep the reservation but be flexible in your transportation there and realize you may need to use the bump and run if your flight or anything else is delayed.

That’s what I was thinking I would have to do if it comes to that… right now I’m trying to get a later dinner reservation at sci-fi… if I’m able to get that then I am gonna make the lunch reservation later so we won’t have to worry as much about rushing. We aren’t going till end of October so that give the reservation finder plenty of time to find he times we want hahaha! Here’s hoping at least

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Res Finder will find you what you need. Get your reflexes in shape to respond quickly :wink: