Time at Blizzard Beach

We have a long weekend trip in mid-Oct. Our ticket package includes a H2O park ticket, but we don’t have a full day to spend. What’s the minimum amount of time needed to visit Blizzard Beach? We’re arriving around lunchtime, would 4 hours be enough time? We’re staying at the Beach Club so we have a pretty good pool available without having to get on a bus.
Additionally, we’re planning to visit Disney Springs for dinner. Is there a bus that runs from BB to DS?

If arriving around lunchtime, better think about doing 6 hours. By the time you arrive, the park will be quite full, and you’ll spend a lot of time waiting in line at the slides, especially for Summit Plummet and Teamboat Springs. If you get there at rope drop, then you can see everything in four if you do those two slides immediately.

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