Tiki mugs at Trader Sam's

Has anyone been to Trader Sam’s lately? When we were there in March and June, they were serving the drinks out of dinky plastic cups, because they apparently were (maybe still are?) having trouble keeping the tiki mugs in stock.

Because really, what is the point of going to a tiki bar if you don’t get to drink out of the tiki mugs, I ask! We’re staying at WL CC and if there are no tiki mugs at TS’s, we’ll just stay at Geyser Point for an afternoon cocktail…

(I realize this is probably the most trivial question possible, but I am v. curious, people!)

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Was there 2x in september 2019. Drinks served in tiki mugs and available for purchase. I think there was just one mug that was out of stock to buy.

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Omg THANK YOU this is extremely vital and important information!!

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I got the hippo-mai-tai and the kratoka punch glasses…i think i spelled that right…idk