Tiffins or Sanaa?

After reading @profmatt’s discussion on food at AK, I’m rethinking my AK plans. Right now I have us eating a long, relaxed, lunch at Sanaa. It’ll be one of the few days I don’t have a planed resort break in the afternoon. We only have one AK day planned and DD really wants to do ROL.
Tiffins is high up on my “I want to try” list, but so is Sanaa. I think if we did Tiffins I’d plan on an afternoon break-come back for dinner and the light show.

I’d say Sanaa is the better overall experience. You get to eat while watching real-life giraffes walking around outside. The food’s pretty good, too.

Tiffins is attractive enough inside, but it doesn’t really have windows that you can look out of. The food is a bit arty.

My current plan for next month is to go to both.

The “downside” of Sanaa is that it’s not in a park. The “upside” of Tiffins is that it’s right next to Pandora. But then Pandora has Satu’li and that’s a must-do for me.

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What resort are you staying at? AKL?

Both, if possible. If you can only hit one it would depend on which one best integrates with your plans.

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Both are great choices. A long, relaxing lunch at Sanaa would be a great break during the day. The food is great and you can eat while watching the animals.
Tiffins is great signature dining. They have a ROL package which you might like since your DD wants to see the show.

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If you’re going to take a break anyway I’d go with Sanaa. The food is really good, and the view of the animals outside is lovely. There is also a viewing deck outside, with cultural representatives who are happy to answer any questions you have about the wildlife or anything else. If you have small children you could go to Jambo House after lunch, they do free cookie decorating at Boma every afternoon - I think it’s at 3pm. There’s pretty much always some activity going on in the lobby there too. :slight_smile:


WL-so if we did Tiffins, I think we’d head back to the resort for a bit. Verses Sanaa, we’d take a break at AKL for a bit.

I’d vote Sanaa. Tiffins is good but not worth the premium price to me. ( I’ve been to Sana’a 3x and Tiffins 2).

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I’d vote Sanna as well. AKL is a great place to relax. There are outdoor viewing areas all around the resort with chairs looking out on the savanah.