Tiffins or Jiko? Is it easy to leave AK and get back in for ROL?

Hi! I’m planning a trip for May with my parents, husband, DD 2 (she will be almost 3 on the trip) and DD 5. We have one day planned at Animal Kingdom and are on the Deluxe Dining Plan. I’m torn between the convenience of staying at the park for dinner (Tiffins) and all the great things I’ve heard about Jiko. Is Jiko worth leaving the park? Will it be easy to go from Animal Kingdom to AKL and back for ROL? Our reservation for Jiko is at 6:30. We also have brunch at Tusker House with preferred seating for the show. Thanks in advance!

When we were there in Oct-2018, we Ubered from our AKL breakfast to the AK park and it was quick and easy, car arrived in under 5 minutes and it was less than a 10 minute drive. My Uber app says it costs $11.42 for an UberXL (seats up to 6) from AK to AKL. Prices can increase at peak times. That’s what I would do.

(IDK about the car seat issue))


Sometimes just getting out of the park is a nice relief. AKL is a beautiful place to visit, and all of its TS restaurants are great.

Don’t know times. We always drove to AKL to AK. It didn’t take long.

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Jiko is my favorite restaurant- anywhere. I am going to suggest you go to Tiffins. You need to plan at least two hours at Jiko and usually it opens at 5:30. I think for most nights you will be cutting it way too close and the stress of making it back, through security and into the park in time would impact the enjoyment of the meal.


I suppose the follow-up question is: is seeing ROL worth missing out on Jiko’s food? We are foodies who live in a town with limited dining options so trying different restaurants is one of the most exciting aspects of planning for me. My daughters are well behaved in restaurants and like eating new things. I went to WDW several times as a child and in college but this is my first time planning a trip and it will be my girls’ first time at the parks. I hope we will get to return at least every other year. That being said, I want my girls to experience all the things possible that are best for their age group (almost 3 and 5) so I will change to Tiffins if littles love ROL. I haven’t been able to find as many reviews on that show. I thought if we stick with Jiko we can explore AKL before and after dinner.

I think RoL is beautiful but if you are a foodie I would go to Jiko and hope you make RoL. The 5:30 ADR is perfect with children. Most likely there will be many families there. Regardless of what your server tells you- if they have the wild boar appetizer- you must try it!

I am going to change my ADR to 5:30 and hope for the best. Thanks so much for your thoughts and advice!


I agree. Would be way to tight of time to get to see ROL if going out of the park and eating at Jiko.

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I thought the food at Jiko was fantastic. I live in a large city with lots of wonderful dining options and Jiko ranks up there with some of the best.


I completely agree! I have never had a bad meal at Jiko.


That said my family will not so Jiko do I will need to do that on a solo/adults only trip and I would skip ROL in a heartbeat to do it.

Unfortunately I don’t see an adults-only trip in my near future so Jiko it is!