Tiffins and River of Lights...how does the package work?

We’ve got a 6:00 pm reservation for Tiffins in June and booked the River of Lights dining package to go with it. The package said that we must dine 3 hours before the show starts and we have the 9:00 show.
Can some one walk me through what happens after we eat dinner? Do we hang out at the dinner table until close to 9:00? Do we then move to another area where we have reserved seats? There are 6 of us, so want to be prepared to move all of us where we need to be. Looking forward to the restaurant and the show!

I love this package! You go to a Tiffins and eat an appetizer, entree , and dessert. (Trust me- try the shrimp soup). When you finish dinner ( usually at least two hours) they give you a ticket.

You then leave the restaurant. You can do something else if you have time. You enter the seating area ( near Nemo) about 20-30 minutes before the show.


I would also add to @PrincipalTinker 's post to budget a bit of extra time to find your entry point to the seats. There were different entries based on your category of reserved area and we almost didn’t make the start of the show because we were in the wrong line! But it was so worth it - you’ll be glad you got the package because your view will be spectacular.

The dining package entry is right next to Nemo.

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Just came back. We had Tiffins " dinner" package for ROL at 3 PM and show was about 7. I think after we had booked they added a later show. Got tickets for package seats when we left Tiffins. Daughter had FPP for FOP and rode it twice between dinner and show. Package price was $67 per; daughter’s meal would have been $80. The 3 PM time was the latest we were allowed.

I know, but in the frenzy of “oh, no, we’re almost late” first-timer stuff (add very dark to that as well!), that sort of info. unfortunately can get forgotten about…I would still advise to leave early to navigate around to that side of the park! This first-timer should have, anyway! :grin:

I always cut through Dinoland.

Is the Tiffins ROL package different to other ROL packages? Are the others still 1 dining credit?

I believe it’s access to the same seating pool, it’s just you eat at Tiffins rather than another restaurant. And yes Tiffins is 2 credits while the others are only 1. If on the dining plan, the packages like ROL are a bargain as they cost you nothing extra and often get you some bonus food plus the show…

There are two RoL packages. One is Tusker House (1 credit). The other is Tiffins (2 credits).

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