Tiffany Town Car or Mears Car Service

Would love to hear your preferences! Which one is more dependable and has less hidden fees. Going from MCO to Hard Rock Hotel and then Hard Rock to Yacht Club. Thanks!

I can only tell you that the one and only time I used Mears they were way overbooked, we were literally sitting in each other’s laps. Also they just kept shoving more luggage into the back of the van and ended up breaking my portable DVD player and a figurine my mother had got at the park. They told us they weren’t responsible for damages and I decided never to use them again. In all fairness this was ten years ago but I’ve still not used them.

@wallygirl I had a great experience w/HappyLimo, which is also recommended by mousesavers. Got us from MCO to Universal resort, then from Universal resort a couple of days later @6am to get to Poly to leave our bags then go to HS for RD.

Okay, thanks for the info! We are not going to do a shuttle (it’s cheaper to book a private car).

We also like Happy Limo. Because my husband was on crutches, they sent a stretch limo at no extra charge.

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I like Happy Limo also. I used them when my daughter was bringing me a kitten. When her plane arrived early, they ended up sending a stretch limo to pick her and my new kitten up. It was a really big deal, cause we got to ride in it from the Best Friends Care Center back to SOG. We got a log of looks pulling up, but it was totally worth it.

She had to take Mears back since I took it from the airport to SOG, I got the limo from SOG-Best Friends-MCO.

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