Tier 2 FPP at Epcot and DHS

For DHS and EP - are any of the tier 2 FPP attractions worth getting? My TPs aren’t suggesting that I get any, but that seems a bit of a waste, so just wondering if any of them are worth getting at all? Or, if I put them early and they pass, can I get a fourth?

Were you planning on hitting rope drop? Perhaps book something for a little later in the afternoon or even the evening if you plan on taking a break and returning. I’m booking Tower of Terror and Star Tours at HS. Still haven’t figured out EP.

I think I will use one for Star Tours, but my two will be a bit young for Tower of Terror. I think. Might get them just in case they decide they want to try it. We have two days in each park, so no idea how I’m going to use 4! tier 2.

Having 2 days is awesome! That definitely makes for a more relaxed time because you won’t feel so pressured to do everything your 1st day.

The tiers make it so hard! How old are your children? They might surprise you. My youngest was 5 and she LOVED ToT. It was her 2nd favorite ride behind Space Mountain.

They will be 4 and 7, but my 7 year old dislikes anything scary and my (not yet) 4 year old isn’t a big fan either. Perhaps I need to look into the ride more. …

It can be very scary for a lot of people and the drops are pretty intimidating because of the anticipation. Do you have any of the shows planned? (although FP might not be necessary for them)

I’m planning on pretty much everything that we can fit in, but I don’t know if there’s any advantage in having any FPP for them. Decisions, decisions

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Tp will not suggest anything unless you enter how many fpp of each tier you are allowed. I also don’t think it makes any suggestions if there aren’t any waits > 15 minutes. So simply use fpp for whatever waits are longest. Go well.

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Spaceship earth if we are entering late to catch late lunch. DGS7 likes to do it when we enter and there’s usually a line then.