Tier 2 early AM FP

What tier 2 shows/rides are available to FP at 9AM? I think ST is but looks like all the show FP start at 10?


ST is the ONLY ride in tier 2.

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Voyage of the Little Mermaid has 9:30am shows. You can get a 9:15am FPP for it.

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I saw a bunch of people posting that their early AM VOLM FP were switched to later by Disney. HOW is one supposed to burn the tier 2s early if you can’t get them early? UGH! How dare they thwart my attempts to loophole through their tiers. :rofl:


We were there in late September and burned a 9:15 VOLM FastPass. I told the CM what we were doing and they just smiled and nodded, as if to say they totally understand. Did something similar at Muppets and the CM there said they were seeing this all the time with people burning them and not going into the show.

But now it seems that they aren’t starting Fastpasses that early except for Star Tours. I feel thwarted. Duped. Played. Outwitted. Even stymied. Ok, really I feel psyched to go to Disney again this year and thrilled to have Liners help me out. And maybe a bit flummoxed.

@darkmite2 Disney cancelled my 9:15 Little Mermaid the day after my FP day and moved it to 12:30. Looks like there’s no longer early LM show FPs.

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I haven’t been able to get a first showing FP for the Frozen singalong either, despite it popping up in MDE every so often (it always fails in the last step). I actually want to use it, too - really annoying!