Tiem between galactic spectacular and fantasmic

so when we are there in august there are 2 showings of fantasmic. Ideally we only want to do 1 day at HS, so will take advantage of 7am emh! if fantasmic is at 9 and 10.30 and star wars galactic spectacular is at 9.45 can you do the later fantasmic show and fit both in on the same night? would i need to fastpass it to get seats

interesting my optomised plan has me doing non tsl things at 7am which i find really bizarre. surely it has to be best to go there first while limited access to the parks, espeically as can only FP one of them

Yes you could fit them both in, no you wouldn’t need FPs imo - the second show isn’t as busy as the first.

I’d guess your TP may be screwed up because they don’t have any data on wait times yet. In the long term, the 2 new rides probably won’t have much of a wait, and the predicted times will be based on other similar rides in terms of capacity etc. Depending when your trip is, you should be able to get an idea here of how long it’s actually taking - and the best strategy - and if people are reporting for example that it takes 2 hours to do all 3 rides, you could start your plan after that.