Tickets to magic bands

In March 2020 I received our magic bands (some freebies and some special characters) for the June 2020 trip that never happened. For my upcoming December trip I purchased tickets separate from our room and the cards/tickets were mailed to me. Is it possible to load the tickets onto the old and unused magic bands?

I should have also included this question on my original post:
If I can get our park tix on the magic bands, is there a way to use different credit cards for different guests?

You can load your cards into your My Disney Experience app and assign each one to each person on your friends and family list. They can then use those cards or your magic bands already asigned to them interchangeably for opening your hotel room, park entrance and photopass. To charge to your room you have to use the magicband though and you can assign different credit cards to each person, but that has to be done in person at the front desk.


Nothing is ever “loaded onto a Magic Band.” All a magic band does is transmit a unique identifier over NFC or Bluetooth.

When you link a Magic Band to your MDE account, all it is doing it telling the WDW systems that if the unique identifier is seen, it means you and your account.