Tickets through Disney or reseller - benefits?

A few questions about getting park tickets through Disney or a reseller. Thanks in advance for your help! Last time we went we stayed offsite and got our park tickets through ParkSavers - had no issues, it was great!

  1. This trip we will be staying onsite - probably at the Poly. Will we get MagicBands if we do a room-only reservation and buy our tickets elsewhere (looking like ParkSavers right now)? (We don’t want Free Dining.)
  2. Are there any specific benefits to buying your park tickets through Disney if you’re staying onsite, vs. getting the tickets elsewhere? Does it matter where your tickets came from in order to make ADR’s (at 180 days) or FPP (at 60 days)?
  3. Do you have to have the park tickets linked to MDE in order to make ADR’s, or is it enough to just have a room reservation onsite? (If I wanted to book an ADR for BOG, for example, do I need to have a park ticket linked to MDE to prove I could be in MK that day?)
  4. In order to get a possible room-only discount (waiting to see if one is released for November 2016 travel), do you need to have purchased tickets through Disney, or does this have nothing to do with it?

Thank you for your help! Since we stayed offsite last trip (our first), I have no idea how staying onsite impacts the trip and what the differences might be for us.

Sometimes Disney may offer a discount package but that would be the only reason to buy tickets from them. Usually a combination of a room only discount and discounted tickets combine for a great discount. Magic bands are your room key. You will link your tickets to you MDE account and then your tickets will be linked to your magic bands. You do not need tickets to book ADRs. If you have a room only reservation on day 180 you can make ADRs for your length of stay at day 180. You will need tickets linked to your account to make FPs at day 60.

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I think @PrincipalTinker answered all of your questions, but I’ll go by the numbers in case there are any gaps:

  1. Yes, you will get MBs with your RO reservation. As the MBs are associated with your MDE account, they will be associated with any tickets and ADRs that you link to your account.
  2. There are no benefits to buying tickets through Disney, unless you are getting a package deal that requires purchase of tickets. Where you get your tickets from does not matter for ADRs or FPP reservations.
  3. The ability to make 180+10 ADRs depends on having a room reservation, not tickets.
  4. RO discounts are just that - room only. No tickets are required to get the discount.
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If you want to pay with your Disney Visa card to take advantage of a 0% interest deal then you need to buy at least one ticket through Disney so that you have a package as opposed to a room only deal.


If I book a room only reservation through Disney and purchase travel insurance through Disney, would my park tickets be covered if purchased from an outside vendor (ParkSavers) and linked to MDE? I talked to a Travelex rep and it sounds like the answer is “yes”. Anyone know for sure?

You would need to read the policy coverages to determine for sure. As an aside, I would not purchase trip insurance through Disney, as there are plenty of reputable companies who offer better coverage for less money. MouseSavers has some good info on trip insurance

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Thanks for the advice.

I would THINK as long has you haven’t actually used the ticket (even if you linked to MDE) they would be good until you actually made a trip to WDW. So if you bought them, linked them, cancelled the trip and then went in 2 years - your tickets should still be good. If you make any Dining reservations you would need to cancel them though I would think

Some resellers have an expiration date. It was the main reason I ended up buying through UT last time.

Regarding ticket expiration, this is from the Disney website:
“Tickets purchased after February 28, 2016 must be used by December 31, 2017, but the amount paid for an unused, expired ticket may be applied towards the purchase of a new ticket at the current price so long as the new ticket purchase price is equal to or greater than the amount paid for the original ticket.”

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Is that one day tickets or magic your way tickets?

I believe that those rules are for 1-day tickets only. As far as I know, unused multi-day MYW tickets never expire.

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That’s what I thought. My AP voucher had an expiration of 2030- and I was not going to worry about that seeing I would be almost 70 :weary:

Be mindful though - we got tickets for Universal and they did expire within a few months - NOW we KNEW that when we purchased them and they were discounted. JUST double check to ensure.

I completely agree! I knew that most of the Parksavers had a higher discount than UT because they did expire. I needed flexibility and tickets if I didn’t use this year I could reassign them two years from now!

I will keep PS in mind for next time. I was thoroughly pleased with Undercover Tourist. Saved a boatload.

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We’ve been buying through the Official Ticket Center for the last few years. Our tickets expire 14 days after first use.

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I think all tickets expire 14 days after first date of use. I think disney has discontinued the expiration option. I’m so old - I actually remember the books that you would have to buy. There was a nominal fee to enter the park and then each ride was a ticket A - E. Best rides being an E - thus the term “That’s an E ticket ride”

Ha! I’ve always wondered what “E-ticket” meant! Now I know - thanks!!

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