Tickets Question

The Disney CM chat is offline so I can’t ask them. Hoping some liners are online right now for real time answers!

I am purchasing a park ticket for my mom. I already have her MDE profile linked to mine and can see her hotel reservation.

My options are Will Call or USPS regular mail.

Will I receive a number I can use to link it to her profile in MDE right away if I choose to have it mailed, or would I need to wait for the hard ticket to arrive?

Also, if I indicate it’s for her during the purchase process, can I get the info emailed to myself or will it automatically go to her only, forcing me to get her to send it to me so I can link it for her?

This process of trying to get her to buy a ticket has already been going on for TWO MONTHS and she finally gave in and sent me the money so I can do it. I don’t want to create a scenario where I’m relying on her to do anything at this point, as our FP+ date is next week and the last thing I need is to be standing in Magic Kingdom with everyone but grandma having FP+ to 7DMT.

Is it safer to say it’s for me during the purchase and then reassign it to her from MDE?

See, I just added my Mom to my MDE account, rather than her having her own. Would that work for you or is it too late to do? Also, we didn’t have room reservations, so maybe that’s the difference.

Yep, too late. It would definitely be simpler… I had no idea she’d have so much trouble with this. She does things much more complicated than this online for work! Bah. Family trips are so great and yet so full of little pit falls.

Purchase inside your MDE and assign the ticket to her at the time of purchase. It will show up immediately and you can make fast passes. The card can come later via mail or will call if you prefer. If she is onsite you won’t need the card anyway as her MB will access the ticket.


Thanks AuntB, worked just like you said and we’re all set. :european_castle: