Tickets purchased online but it’s a voucher

I bought our tickets and I printed a paper that lists everything we bought ( meal plan, tickets, express passes) and it says to take to kiosk for actual tickets.

  1. Where are they?
  2. Will I get the tickets that can fit in my lanyard or just paper? If paper, can I get tickets sized for lanyards somewhere? We will be at parks 5 days so I want them protected better than a bunch of sheets of paper. Plus I want kids to have theirs protected where they can hang on to them. ( older kids).

I had this when I booked mine online when I got to the kiosk to pick up I got the actual tickets that fit in the lanyard.

If it’s the same as it was four years ago, there are a whole bunch of kiosks before you get to the park turnstiles. You just enter your information and the tickets print out. It was pretty easy.

Thanks y’all! That is good to know that I just have to go to the kiosks.