Tickets in My Disney Experience app and FP+

Hi guys!
So I have my reservations booked via Small World Vacations and I have a resort, ticket and dining package (I can’t remember what this is called). I’ve input my reservation number and the app (and website for MDE) show my resort and my tickets. However, when I go to try and play with fast pass+ it says “not so fast” “does everyone in your party have tickets?” Even though we all do (except for the two year old) and can see them in the tickets section of the app. It is still way early for my fast passes to be available since we’re not going until September 2018, but I feel like it should at least know I have tickets, even though I can’t book the FP yet. I’m concerned that when the FP window opens, it will still look like this and I won’t be able to book them. Does anyone else have this issue? Were you able to find a solution? My TA seems to think it’s fine, but I worry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thanks a lot!

You can’t see FPP availability until 60 prior to an onsite stay so it gives you the message about asking if you have tickets.

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Oh, that’s great! Thanks so much!
I wish they’d say something about it being too early instead of making it seem like you need to buy tickets, lol.
Thanks again!

Since off site guests can book for the next 30 days they need you to be able to book FP+ at any time. Because your tickets are part of your package they are not “active” until your package dates which is why when you try to look now it suggests you need to buy tickets in order to look at current availability.


I bought an annual pass and could see them although they were not activated until I got there.

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Makes sense, thank you for explaining. :grin:

But your AP could be activated at any time. Package tickets basically don’t exist outside of the package and can’t be used to book fastpasses until 60 days before the check in date and even then fastpasses can only be booked for dates after the package starts - so if you wanted to pick up your tickets from your package a day early you can but you can’t pre-book fastpasses for that date…


I couldn’t book FP until the 60 day mark. I had a room ressie.

Thanks for your help guys. I feel a ton better!