Tickets for sale at Giant Eagle


Our local Giant Eagle sells gift cards, of course. They also sell Universal Tickets (and I live in Ohio!) It's 175 for a 2 day park to park ticket. If we buy that now, and the price increases before we go, do we pay the difference or will it work? Just wondering... Thanks!


If it is an actual ticket that you are buying (or a ticket voucher), then it should be good regardless of any price increases. $175 for a 2-day park-to-park ticket is a great price (I've never seen anything that low for some time now), so be sure to read the fine print to make sure that there are no restrictions or qualifications.

EDIT: Oops - I was looking at the wrong ticket class. Official Ticket Center has 2-day 2-park adult tickets for $151, tax and shipping included

YET ANOTHER EDIT: I'm really off my game - still looking at the wrong ticket class. The above price is for the single park entry per day ticket. 2-day park-to-park is $185, so if there are no restrictions then you have a good deal!


Kind of OT- but what's a Giant Eagle?


It is a local grocery store in Ohio and PA. Thanks for posting. I am pondering a Universal trip and will look into that!


What @SuperJess is looking at are hard plastic gift card style 'passes', they say 2 park hopper. Read the fine print on the back to see if they're simply for $175 that can be applied to a ticket, or an ACTUAL ticket/voucher for a ticket.

I recommend going through G.E. as they have the awesome 'fuel perks', and one UOR ticket can equal $0.30 off per gallon of gas alone.


Thats where I bought all of our gift cards (both disney and US) to pay for our last orlando trip, used discover for the rewards and to get the fuel perks! I never notice tickets will need to look the next time I'm there?!