Tickets... Do I need 'em?

So, I bought tickets from officialticketcenter. Once I link them to my MDE and thus to magicbands, do I need the plastic card itself? I’d bring it along to be safe, but if things work as they should, will I ever need to present the plastic card to anyone?



I’d keep em with you until you use the bands for entry once, after that leave 'em in the room.


I agree with @TheGraceysButler

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I take them to make it easier to book additional FPs. Sometimes (randomly), my MB won’t pull up my family’s info to book additional FPs. Usually, one of the other member’s will scan and pull up everybody. keeping the cards in my pocket is easier than collecting all of the MBs or taking the kids with me to the FP kiosk line.

Yes. When I had a magic band issue at entrance they asked me to show the physical card.