Tickets disappearing from MDE?

Has anyone else experienced this recently? My SIL and her family will be meeting us in Disney and our families are linked through MDE. She bought tickets for her family, but I can only see hers and now I can’t see my own ticket, but I can see everyone else’s in my family. I googled it and it looks like it was a problem a few years ago, but I’m wondering if anyone has had this happen currently?

We had some similar issues early on in planning our current trip. We booked a package but it was actually so screwed up in MDE Disney IT had to cancel and re issue our reservation with a new confirmation number and everything. We’re using a TA and she took care of all that but she indicated that MDE issues like that still pop up from time to time and she encourages all her clients to print off a pdf of all tickets/adrs/plans etc to have on hand in case of problems popping up. I’m sure the ticket is still there, but it might take a call to Disney IT to get it back on MDE.

Mine disappeared a couple of weeks ago. It appeared again later in the day.

our resort disappeared a few weeks ago and I had to call and get it put back on. Disney said that MDE is having glitches but once it is there, they have it in the system and it can be put back on.

Ours disappeared last night, but showed back up this morning. MDE has been glitchy but the website was doing same thing.

Ok, my ticket’s back now. Guess it waa just a glitch. Hopefully it stays that way because Saturday is FP day! Thanks guys!

Mine just disappeared and I got emails notifying FPPs will be cancelled if not fixed by 6:13. Did you get those? Did you do anything to make ticket reappear or did your ticket just reappear?

I haven’t booked my fast passes yet, but this is concerning! I didn’t do anything to make the ticket reappear and it hasn’t disappeared again since then. What ended up happening with your fast passes?

So something just glitched with my tickets and my hotel reservation disappeared too. I was able to re-link my hotel res. My ticket fixed itself. I called Disney and they put a note on my account about what happened. I also took screenshots of all my FPPs. They are all still there and I accent had any issues since. I got the emails very early on 6/12 and in the email it said I had until 6/13 to resolve the issue. So I did have time to take care of it before there was a real issue of FPPs disappearing.

ETA: I did find it interesting that my friend with the AP who I umbrella-ed in with my hotel res also got the emails.