Tickets at Work - vouchers

We’re doing a semi- spur-of-the-moment trip to Disneyland next month (our first) and Ticketsatwork is having a “free day” ticket promo – they’re selling 3-day tickets at the 2-day price. But they say they provide vouchers for tickets, not actual e-tickets. Anyone ever have to exchange a voucher at the park? Is it a pain in the neck, or just a simple swap at the ticket booth?


To answer my own question, in case anybody needs to know in the future: it says voucher, but it’s an actual ticket, and can be immediately linked to the Disneyland app.

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Thanks for reporting back your own personal experience! And sorry I didn’t have an answer to chime in- anytime that I’ve looked, the tickets at work prices they seem a really good deal & then they add in fees & whatnot at the end & it makes not as good of a discount as can be found elsewhere so we haven’t looked them up in awhile.

Yeah, they did charge tax (!!), but even so, in this case, we saved about $130 on three tickets over the best price I could find anywhere else (about $185 off the Disney price). Not too bad!

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Were they three day park hoppers or one park per day tickets?

We bought one park tickets, but I think they had the same deal on park hoppers. It was a free day with any multi day ticket, so I suspect the savings on park hoppers will also be substantial.

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I just have to thank you for posting about this. We are heading to Disneyland the last week in August. It will be me, my 19 year old (returning to college in Redlands), my 16 year old and three friends of my oldest who have never been to DLR. We have had our tickets/annual passes for a while, but the three other kids still needed their tickets. We just saved them each $50 by using Tickets at Work and I wouldn’t have even thought about it without seeing your post! I can’t wait to experience DLR through the eyes of these first timers!

Thank you again and hope you have a wonderful trip!


Yes! Thank you so much. I have always looked at Ticketsatwork for WDW tickets and the were NEVER the cheapest. This is a saving of $115 off the gate price for 1 adult and 1 child - 3 day PH MP tickets!!!


Glad it was helpful! We’ll actually be there part of that week, too. Enjoy!

Just chiming in to share my experience, too. I am currently at a work conference so I looked between TicketsAtWork and the conference rate - some “packages” (number of days, park hopper or not, MaxPass or not, etc.) were MUCH better through TAW and others were slightly better using the conference code.

And… just thought of this. My family is coming in tomorrow so I’ve purchased TAW for them (better deal than conference) but my coworkers and I just purchased twilight tickets at the convention center for $75 (was $127 for park hopper). It makes me wonder - couldn’t ANYONE just walk into the Anaheim convention center and buy tickets? Say they’re with the conference? The person there clearly would never know if you were with the conference and if they asked you could say your spouse is currently at the conference and you’re there to pick up tickets so you’re ready to go at 4:00 when the tickets start.

Just a thought…

Woops - more pertinent to the original post, I also meant to reply that through TAW I received a PDF with barcodes and was able to type them (my printer was bad so it wouldn’t scan them) into the app and they’re all sitting there just waiting for my family to arrive. Because I’m ridiculous, I’ll still bring the print-out to the park JUST IN CASE but I know I won’t need them!

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Is there a way to access Tickets at Work I don’t know about, or does everyone on this thread work at a place that participates? Heading to DL in 2 weeks and looking into the best ticket options.

At this moment buying tickets directly from Disney or with Undercover tourist is better than the prices offered at Tickets at Work, so you are not losing much by not having access to it.

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I second @alicescarpa. The current deals at TAW are not good for DL. You are better off going somewhere else. I’ve used Get Away Today and Ares Travel. I think if you access Get Away Today thru you get a slightly better price. That’s what the Mickey Visit blog says anyway.