Tickets At Work Deal for Kids

If anyone is thinking about a Disneyland trip between January 8 and March 10, AND you have kids age 3-9, Tickets’ at Work has a great deal on kids tickets. You can get a three day, one park per day ticket for about $145!

If you don’t have Tickets at Work … I might be able to figure out our company code. There are no controls over who signs up. Message me privately!


That’s pretty crazy! I just checked Sam’s Club (which is powered by TaW) and the deal is there too.

Out of curiosity, checked Undercover Tourist and while they list the kid’s deal, the 3 day 1-park DL child ticket there is $226 all in.

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I went through all the way to check out because TaW can have crazy fees pop up at the last screen, but nothing! One day, one park was around $56. Two days, one park per day was around $98. Crazy good deals. I wish I could convince my niece to plan an impromptu trip. Four out of her five kids are 9 or under.


Might be the 2nd time I’ve seen TaW be a good deal for theme park tickets - and this is a beauty. :smiley:

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Right? We used TaW in 2019 for adult DL tickets and it was a great deal. I keep checking, but it’s never been worth it since. :joy:


Is that TaW price with a hopper or not? Disney is running a promotion for $50/day for a child ticket for up to 3 days, but that’s the price before adding a hopper.

We’re considering using this deal for our yountest. Her pass expires in December and honestly with the new price increase we’re iffy on if we’ll all renew next September when the rest of ours expire but if we get her a new pass in December, then we’ll either only get 9 months of her pass at the new higher price or feel pressured into getting another pass. :expressionless:

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It’s not hopper. I didn’t realize you could get same price at! Nice, cuz you can use gift cards there.

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Those are 1 park per day prices above.

I just looked and saw TaW or Sam’s price for 3-day kid’s PH is $213.18 all in.
For comparison, UT’s price for same tix with this deal is $292.



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The UT says G+ is included. Does the Sam’s ticket also include G+?


Without G+, UT ticket is…$207.

ACK, I didn’t notice that.

Had to scroll down to see the Sam’s tix with Genie+ included - and for the 1-park per day tix drives it up to $232.75, or $6 more than UT. Darn Sam’s finally faked me out (because I wasn’t paying attention. :smiley: )

Looks like directly at the Disneyland site those those tix are $240, so with discounted gift cards in the same range as UT.

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I was just surprised the difference was that much, so I figured it wasn’t apples to apples. I almost never find any place that undercuts UT for multiday tickets (and if they do, it is usually negligible).

I just checked…and if you use the Mousesavers link, it is an additional $1 off…so $206.55 versus $207.55. (for 3 day PH, Kid’s special)