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Last year in our first visit to Disney World, we bought our vacation package through Costco, so the day before visiting the parks, we went to Disney Springs guest services office, and we walked away with the tickets belonging to each of us. But I forgot if they ask for each of our ids or not.

This time we only have one day, so if we need to show IDs, I preffere to go to Disney Spring Guest Services again, so we don’t have to waste time at the gates of the park, dealing with identification protocols,

This is what we have so far for this trip, I ordered the tickets straight from the Disney site, they showed up automatically in our my Disney Experience app, we got all of our fast passes, and our magic bands already arrived.

Is this all that we need? Do we still need to show IDs at the parks gates? Or is just a tap with the magic bands and add the fingerprint?

Thanks in advanced!

I believe you only need an ID for an annual pass. But if I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will chime in saying so.

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Thanks again for the reply ryan1

I would always have an ID with you for anyone who has one. Here’s what the mom’s panel says (thought they are not definitive, they are usually pretty good):

If you have a valid theme park ticket, then you should not need your passport or photo I.D. to enter. However, I always carry my I.D. with me, just in case there is any trouble with the ticket. If there are any questions, it’s nice to have your I.D. with you so the Disney Cast Members can verify that you are actually the person who is supposed to be using the ticket.

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Thanks Jeff_AZ for the reply,

I guess this is only if there is an issue right?

So to enter the park for the first time, We don’t need to id our self? My memory most be playing tricks on me, I thought the guy from guest services last year, asked for all our passports at the Disney Spring office.

I was trying to avoid wasting time identifying our self at the gates, by doing it at guest services the day before, plus avoid carrying our passport with us, my wife and I have our driving licence, but our kids got nothing to show.

I’ll guess we’ll bring our passports :frowning:

You will just scan your fingerprint, no need for ID.

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Thanks missoverexcited, that is the answer I wanted to hear, I’ll go with the majority and that is you and ryan1 :slight_smile:

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Make that a unanimous response - ID not required. I’m just saying it never hurts to have one with you. :slight_smile:

Also, you might have needed an ID last year if you did will call, which is different than an electronic ticket.

Even when you do need an ID in WDW, they never need it from kids.


I expect the reason you needed to show ID was that you were picking up tickets that were not yet linked to any Disney account. So if someone pretending to be you showed up and collected those tickets, they could use them and you would be left with no tickets. Buying them directly from Disney means they are already linked to your Disney account and magic bands.


Thanks Jeff_AZ, I misunderstood your answer, sorry about that.

Since we have our driving licences, that will be our back up plan. I always feel uncomfortable carrying our passports for non travel situation. Who wants to deal with a lost passport on a vacation trip, a lost wallet is easy.

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Agreed! That makes me nervous. Leave your kids’ passports at home unless you are traveling abroad.

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Thank snatalie.lawy for the reply,

Those tickets were linked last time, we were staying at one of the Hiltons across from Disney Springs, so we took advantage of our 60 days fast passes on the Disney app, but I remembered I had to link them myself, but probably the dilema was that we didn’t have physical tickets, because the good neighbors hotels don’t send you magic bands. So I think you are right in the sense, that they needed to verify us.

Jeff_AZ we are flying from Toronto, Canada so all passports are needed in this case.

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I know this isn’t the question, but just in case someone else reads this thread later: for military ticket activation, I was required to have ID for all the adults. This was a few years ago (you can get already activated tickets from Shades now), but they were very strict about it at the time. My sister-in-law was flying in later than the rest of us, and they would not activate her ticket.

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Aha, did you possibly by the Canadian Resident specially priced tickets? Those do require passport to pickup, to prove you’re eligible for the discount.

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I second what Natalie said - if anything you booked is tied to a Canadian Resident deal, you will have to provide proof of Residency when you arrive (including checking in at hotel or prior to first use of tickets). You can do it in Disney Springs, but you still have to do it, even with the ‘ticket on magicband’ system.

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natalie.lawy, good point, nope that wasn’t the case, we bought last time a regular 5 day tickets and this time is just a regular one day ticket to HS.

And here I thought I cracked the case. :laughing:

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For anyone who has done the Canadian resident tickets, can you only activate them after you check in to your hotel? We’re arriving in Orlando the night before our stay at Pop Century in March and were wondering if we could go to Guest Services in Disney Springs to activate the tickets and save time the next morning.