Ticket Use Question

We are trying to plan a trip to WDW in May. There is a chance that it might not work out and we would reschedule for December. My question is - if I buy tickets for May and then don’t use them can I use the same tickets for December? Or since the tickets would probably be more expensive in December do they need to be upgraded somehow for the new dates? Or would the May tickets be void since I wouldn’t be using them for the dates I bought them for?

With Disney tickets, you can always apply the value of unused tickets toward any future tickets. You will just have to pay the difference in value. (I use value instead of price, because it isn’t based on how much you OAID, but how much they are valued at. This is because if you bought 5 day tickets from Undercover Tourist, for example, you paid less than buying direct from Disney…but when you chance the dates, the amount extra you will pay is the difference in how much Disney charges for those tickets based on the dates, and not the difference in what you actually paid. (Hope that makes sense.)

You will need to call them to have the ticket dates modified.

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Thank you. That makes it easier to plan since I know I will not forfeit the tickets.

In order to maintain control of the tickets you can modify the date of the tickets and pay the difference BEFORE the date of the tickets in the MDE app (online too?). Once the date of the ticket takes place you will have to call. You will also no longer see the tickets in MDE.

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Wow. Good to know. I would panic if I didn’t see them anymore.

It is so much easier to just pick another date in the future. You can change them multiple times. You can pick a date that is around the same price. If the dates are more, you pay the difference. If the dates are less, Disney keeps the difference.

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One other thing I discovered recently is if you change to a lower price date, and later do an add on to your ticket (like park hopper or G+), the difference that Disney normally keeps is applied to that add on.