Ticket Questions

I received my tickets in the mail yesterday and they are different than I’m used to at WDW (magic band or a “credit card” type ticket). They are just cardboard - do I carry these around and use them throughout the days during my visit at DL or is it just to enter? Will I get something else at the park? Do I use these same tickets for MaxPass? Seems like they would be destroyed after a few hours in my pocket.

Yes, you’ll carry them with you at all times. If you’re walking around for your Fastpasses, you’ll need to scan them for your fastpasses whenever you pull one.

If you’re using MaxPass, you’ll link the ticket to the Disneyland app and make all of your FP reservations there.

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They actually hold up really well especially if you put them in a wallet and/or in between 2 cards (like a credit card and a gift card or credit card and ID). The only issue you may have with them becoming damaged is if you get drenched on Splash or Grizzly River Rapids and have them in your pocket without any other protection (i.e. in a waterproof container of sorts).

We have tickets that we used for 4-5 days in ithe parks from 2013 & 2014 that we let our kids acquire in their toys (stored with flashcards & other like toys) that are still in fair condition- mostly not faded, edges have some wear/tear. My in-laws also join us for 1 day on one trip a year & the tickets we have been left with from those trips are all in great condition.

We have never had a problem with our paper tickets either. I still have them all from previous trips. As others have said, they hold up pretty well. If there is an issue, talk to a cast member.