Ticket question


I was looking at my tickets on mde and last years mnsshp tickets have 2014 dates.

What do you make of this?


Not sure but I just saw your thread on chat and had to 'walk away' before I tell someone to shut up. smile whew. I feel better now


Going to check. I hadn't seen anything !!!


Didn't say I wanted to cheat!!! Just wondering. Last oct I also bought 7 day tix with my package and before we arrived, I upgraded to 8 day tix. Mde also shows that each of us have 1 8-day tix and 2 7-day tix. That would be wonderful!! They are all listed under "past tix" though.


I know that. And anyone else who has been around long enough to know you does too, which is why 'shut up' seemed fitting.
Anyway, I wouldn't put too much stock in it. There was a liner last year who's AP was showing as expiring in 2020-something.
ps- If it were me, I'd totally cheat. wink But most people know that. smile


Thanks!! I knew you weren't implying!! Just didn't want to start something on this side too!! Thanks for having my back 😄


We've all got your back!


Wow! This really did start a bit of a storm over there! Staying away for a few. I can't book FPP at all, so I am assuming the tickets are not valid! The dates for MNSSHP do match up though. That MDE is strange.