Ticket purchase problems

For anyone that’s had issues with ticket purchases online then did it over the phone, did you have any problems purchasing Genie+ later? Trying to get After Hours.
So far I have tried CC online and over phone- declined CC company shows no issues. I was able to make a payment on my vacation package with no issues.
Tried debit card, didn’t work either.
So tried a Disney Giftcard- not working either. They’ve escalated it to MDE account services now and hopefully get a call by Monday. Just makes me wonder if I’ll have issues with any more purchases once we’re on vacation.

I don’t have an answer to your question - but have you tried to buy tickets with an incognito browser? We were having issues with ours and an incognito browser fixed it for us.

Yes, even 3 different electronics. My cell, laptop, and kids cell. It’s driving me kinda batty that even they haven’t figured out what is going on. First CM wasn’t as kind about card being declined and sorta blew me off to “you must not have funds”, call your bank, done. 2nd call CM tried a few things and couple cards before they said they couldn’t help, maybe call back later. Then figured, okay it’s never given me problems using Disney Gift Cards instead, buy one, wait the 2 hrs for it to arrive, fail again. 3rd CM finally listened to what all had been tried and escalated it higher. Never knew it could be so far to spend money for Disney lol

They called back last night. Account services says there was a hold on my ShopDisney account from a purchase that prevented me from being able to purchase tickets. Very odd that one would prevent the other. But it’s finally cleared up and got tickets.

What!!? :astonished: glad it’s cleared up but that seems like an odd reason.

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