Ticket Price Increases

In the article "Find Disney World Ticket Discounts and Compare Prices, " you mentioned park ticket prices occurred in Feb & Sept 2018. Do you suspect an increase to 2020 park ticket rates to occur in Sept 2019? Wondering if I should purchase tickets for my April 2020 trip before Sept 2019. Thanks!

Hi! Welcome to the forum! Odds are high that there will be another ticket price increase in Sept/Oct. If you have the means, I suggest buying them now. We usually buy Disney gift cards at BJ’s or Sam’s Club at a discount (usually 5% off the face value) and use them to purchase the park tickets. It’s like a built in sale.

I ALWAYS assume there will be ticket price increases any moment. And in the past couple years, they seem to be more often/less predictable.

As such, I have purchased all of our tickets for BOTH of our trips to Disney and Universal next year so to avoid inevitable price increases.

There was also an increase in March 2019. If you are 100% sure you’re making the trip short of a major illness and have the $$ definitely go ahead and buy them. Plenty of people have paid hundreds more for the same thing by waiting.