Ticket Price Comparison not correct

I have been checking the Ticket Price Comparison a few times a week. However, since Saturday, it has been giving me the Florida resident rate through Undercover Tourist for the 4 day ticket (I am not a Florida resident). Because that rate is so much lower, it comes up in each scenario and I can’t get true pricing information. I emailed, but only received an automated message. Anyone else having problems?

Hi, I ran a few searches and I see that whenever UT tickets come up as cheapest it has some super low incorrect price listed.

Is that really Florida resident pricing? Might be cheaper for me to buy a house down there than keep doing what I’m doing. :smiley:

I am sure TP will get on fixing that issue ASAP, as they always do when something is amiss.

But, If you’d like to check cheapest tickets you can use this spreadsheet I put out there temporarily: Just enter number of adults and children in your party and it will tell you the cheapest tickets for each vendor, plus savings compared to gate price. (Not online price.)

(It is a simplified version of my “Maximum Discount” spreadsheet, which used to find the biggest discount on reseller tickets to use for upgrading to APs.) I don’t want to take away from TPs ticket finder, so I’ll probably make the sheet private again when they’ve patched up the issue.

You can use it here: https://goo.gl/Uut7LJ

Thank you! Hopefully they fix it soon!

I hadn’t used your spreadsheet yet when I replied earlier, but just used it; it is pretty impressive! I, too, was waiting for the Mousesavers newsletter today, expecting it to be an awesome price. I am surprised that Official Ticket Center is the best price for our scenario.

P.S. I think moving to Florida is a great idea! The price is significantly better and the weather is better, too. Here in Pennsylvania we are expecting snow again tonight…

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I posted this over on a chat thread too, so putting here for posterity. Seems mobile browsers for Sheets are not allowing edits, so can’t change the Adults/Children setting there.

Quick update: Not sure why Google Sheets not allowing editing in mobile browsers, perhaps I was assuming they always did and didn’t really test properly(?) Not sure. In any case, in Safari & Chrome etc, if you go to the sheet in browser & tell it to “Request Desktop Site” editing features for Adults/Children should work. BUT, it looks like both Chrome & Safari get confused once in awhile & have to hit Reload. If at all possible, using desktop system or mobile Sheets apps are best bet.

How To Request Desktop Site in Safari:

How To Request Desktop Site in Mobile Chrome: